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Dance Snippets

Philly Thanksgiving Day Parade

Start Video at (21:08) end at (22:47)

Choreography by: Robbie Mackey

create.dissolve.and recreate

(Start video at <3:14 - 4:25> for duet)

(Start video at <6:50 - 9:07> for ensemble)

Choreographed by: Enza DePalma

Performed by: Fellow Alumni of UArts and Terrance



Hazel A Musical Maid in America at Drury Lane Theatre

Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, MO  Damn Yankees

Choreographed by: Elizabeth Troxler

Theatre Comercial/B Roll

Hazel A Musical Maid in Ameria at the Drury Lane Theatre

Footloose at the Fireside Theatre

Start Video at (2:49)


Zorro the International China Tour


Cats at the Paramount Theatre

Disney's The Little Mermaid at Alabama Shakespeare Festival

In the Heights at the Paramount Theatre

 Tommy at the Paramount Theatre

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