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Terrance has been choreographing since he was in high school, attending DeKalb School of the Arts in Atlanta, GA. He has had the privilege of working to create a verity of dances with many of his fellow students that attend The University of the Arts. He also enjoyed choreographing and collaborating on solos and group dances for DanceMakers of Atlanta for regional and national dance competitions and creating a Musical Theatre dance for Georgia Metropolitan Dance Theatre.


If you would like to get in touch with Terrance in regards to choreographing a dance for your studio, please feel free to go to (Contacts) and send him an email about where you are located, what studio, and when you would like to schedule rehearsal time. He will get back to you as soon as possible with a response. 

What The Heat Wants

Performed by: Georgia Metropolitan Dance Theatre

Craving For...

Performed by: UArts Dancers

Pink Frog

Performed By: DanceMakers of Atlanta

for a benifit concert for Breast Cancer


Performed by: UArts Dancers

A dance Terrance dedicated to his big sister.

Scarlet's Beat

Performed By: Uarts Dancers

Your small Stone Truths

Performed by: UArts Dancers

My Map

Performed by: DanceMakers of Atlanta 

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